Building a Health Tech platform from the ground up

An app that provides gender-affirming hormone therapy and care directly from the smartphone.

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Plume is a digital platform where physicians and patients can manage medical communication, including virtual visits, drug prescriptions, and lab work. The stakeholders needed to create a comprehensive, secure platform that would suit the specific needs of their target group but did not have the resources to implement their vision. When they approached us, Plume's in-house team had already built up the original requirements that were used as a starting point of developing a prototype and a further solution. One of the major parts of the solution, and a challenge, was the security of personal data.


TulaCo provided an all-inclusive development team of a project manager, developers, DevOps, and Quality assurance engineers. To keep the security of personal data, we modified the development process to limit access to environments as much as possible, protecting almost everything by VPN and 2FA. We also made changes to the original requirements based on the analysis and adapted language abilities to complete requirements.

We built the MVP version of the solution, integrated with external services, while supporting the existing scheduling service (Production) for customers.

We designed and built an Admin portal for solution management from scratch without any guidelines, based on a thorough analysis of customer needs and our experience in this area. We implemented a patient portal that is accessible from desktop and mobile and utilizes the user’s hardware (camera, mic) for registration and communication. Our solution works on both major mobile platforms (iOS & Android) and desktop platforms (Windows, macOS) and in all top modern browsers. Finally, we built a physician portal that accumulates all information on doctor-patient interaction. To cut costs, the entire management and development process was created based on GitHub project tools.

The TulaCo team created the solution from scratch. We set up the initial architecture, processes, models, and database. Created a secure and trusted infrastructure to keep personal information, patient, physician, and admin portal with privacy rules & management according to specifications and needs, and more. MVP and 5 major versions after it have been fully implemented and tested and released to PROD. Currently, the solution is in active development. The initial groups of doctors started using it in their day-to-day work. In addition to organically onboarded, 300 previous users have been migrated to the system.
Tula and the team have been amazingly easy to work with and always responsive.  We've been impressed with the continuity of the team, many of the engineers have been with the project since the very start. I'd gladly recommend them.
Matthew Wetschler
Co-Founder & CEO